GoLiveSupport is now SkillMarket

GoLiveSupport becomes SkillMarket

Resource evaluation, compliance, and scheduling at your fingertips.
Optimum Healthcare IT® has created SkillMarket, a software platform designed to automate multiple processes that are critical to a successful go-live. Gone are the days of managing complex and dynamic go-live environments with spreadsheets and out-of-date technologies.  Skillmarket addresses and eliminates many of the common issues that lead to double- or triple-booked consultants, missed departments, last minute scheduling and under-supported staff.

How SkillMarket Works

how skillmarket works

Skillmarket is loaded with new features and tools to support go-lives from start to finish. With a pool of nearly 7,000 highly skilled consultants, each carefully vetted and approved, clients have access to the industry’s best at-the-elbow support. For any go-live engagement, Skillmarket makes consultant recruiting, onboarding, and scheduling seamless. Utilizing geolocation data, profile skill ratings, and additional metrics to minimize travel time, reduce expense, and improve both client and consultant satisfaction, Optimum can meet the demand for any project, large or small.

With SkillMarket, your organization will have the ability to:

  • Gauge and verify skill level
  • Ensure stringent standards are met
  • Cover a vast range of skillsets
  • Meet the demand for any size project

Industry-leading applications that streamline your go-live

Consultant Details

Each go-live consultant has a profile page complete with his or her photo, resume, interview notes, and certifications – so you know who you're hiring. Each consultant is graded based on a number of criteria including experience, certifications, attitude, and client feedback.


Our scheduling system is the first of its kind for go-live support projects. Schedules are dynamically generated for external go-live consultants, super users, trainers, and software vendor personnel throughout your go-live.


Don’t make go-live support decisions blindly. A robust reporting infrastructure provides real-time burn rate reports and a variety of visualized taper options to allow you to stay current on expenditures and to minimize total project costs.