Consultant Profiles

A project is only as strong as the consultants that make up the project team. SkillMarket, by Optimum Healthcare IT, gives our clients unparalleled access to a pool of over 7,000 highly skilled consultants, each carefully vetted and approved to provide the industry’s best at-the-elbow support.

Profiles are managed by our consultants prior to being reviewed and vetted by Optimum leadership. Past projects and performance are permanently recorded and attached to the consultant profiles, which are only approved after a video interview is conducted with the consultant by one of our team members.

Profile Data

Comprehensive Profile Data

Each go-live consultant has a profile page complete with his or her photo, past projects and experience, interview notes, certifications and references – so you know who you're hiring.

The advantage of SkillMarket is that it analyzes client needs and cross references that information with the best and brightest go-live consultants in the country. Then, geo-location data is factored in and the best available consultants are assigned to jobs near them – providing high quality resources at the lowest cost to the client.

Each consultant’s SkillMarket profile details their past projects, performances, experience, skillsets, certifications, etc.


Consultants are rated on both hard and soft skills. Hard skills include specific Epic application experience and certifications – tangible qualifiers that can be used to project a consultant’s abilities. Soft skills include intangible traits like leadership, adaptability, positivity, team player, etc. that will inform clients of the type of resource they’re getting.

Consultants overall ratings are based on experience, support skills and interviews with Optimum leadership:

  • No experience with the module, or preferred to not be interviewed on that module
  • Answered very little and displayed little confidence
  • Answered every question with confidence, but only has a couple of projects under their belt supporting that module
  • Answered every question with confidence and has multiple projects under their belt supporting that module
  • Reserved for appointed leads