If there is one thing that Healthcare organizations are familiar with, it’s data. And what good is data if we don’t extract actionable information from it? During a go-live engagement, Optimum Healthcare IT tracks and communicates with its consultants using a mobile application, providing updates and notes for our clients on demand. With a robust reporting infrastructure built into SkillMarket, go-live support decisions won't be made blindly.

SkillMarket provides real-time, up-to-date burn rate reports and a variety of visualized taper options to allow you to stay current on expenditures and to minimize total project costs.

With so much information at your fingertips, you have the knowledge to make the right decisions at the right time. After successful completion of the project, we provide feedback surveys to key client personnel to tailor and improve our offerings for future projects.


Information at the Ready

SkillMarket includes four report screens, in addition to the detailed list of available consultants and their qualifications

Burn Rate Report

Details hours and expenditures for each consultant on the project

Daily Taper Report

Shows which of our consultants are being tapered that day

Consultant Locations

Track consultant movements in real time

Basic Report

Super User Report

Displays registration and training status for both department and client managers

Project Compliance Summary

Shows outstanding compliance items for an entire project

Custom Reporting

Additional reports can be created as needed