Onboarding and Compliance

A major qualifier in healthcare IT is compliance, and all consultants are subject to specific compliance training. SkillMarket takes the guess-work out of this for both clients and consultants.

While SkillMarket profiles are managed by our consultants and vetted by our staff, compliance documentation is included in the SkillMarket profile and is carried forward from one project to the next. This prevents redundant work for our consultants and provides clarity for clients.

To ease compliance audits, progress tracking, and data immutability, compliance requirements can be managed and reviewed for each project in one central location and all compliance documents are digitally stored in a single archive.



Client compliance requirements can be mirrored in our project compliance settings, ensuring that selected consultants meet the client’s specific needs. Additionally, to make sure our consultant’s compliance training is always up-to-date, consultants are regularly notified of any outstanding compliance requirements.

All of the necessary information is stored in one place, for easy access and followup. Once compliance is reviewed, and consultants are approved, offer letters (employee agreements) are eSigned and permanently stored via DocuSign within SkillMarket. The defined workflows allow for the onboarding process to begin without delay.